OUR Flag

John Pittsenbargar out of Las Cruces, NM. has been commissioned to reproduce the 6th Kentuckyís National flag.

We have based our flag off of the original stored in the Kentucky Historical Societyís Digital Collections.† Documentation and images can be found below.

Original 6th Kentucky US flag†† (Link Broken as of 6/1/12)

John describes our reproduction as:

The National colors will be the same size as the original, 5.5ft X 6ft.  The regimental name will be painted in 3 inch gold metallic paints and the stars will be hand painted gold as well.  The original flagís stars havenít been cut out, they disintegrated.  Gold metallic oil based paint on original silk, ate the silk.  Your colors will be 100% cotton and have textile paints instead. The star pattern on the National colors is a total of 34 stars, 3 inches in height and they are mirror imaged. The arrangement will be 6-5-6-6-5-6. The final step would be to add about 17 feet of golden cord fringe around the three sides on the fly.

A loud HUZZAH to John for all his hard work. The 6th Kentucky is excited to see the progress of our flag.

June Progress:

June 19th - - - At present, I have a bunch of red and white strips that I am pinning together to form the upper half of the flag, less canton - that comes later.  Then, I sew two or three stripes together at a time, then join those sections together to form the upper half of the 7 short stripes.  Next, I will sew the long full length stripes together in the same way.  Once those two groups are done, I will mate the canton to the short stripes, then sew the top and bottom halves together.  At that point, I set the canvas liner in place to form the sleeve.  Before closing the sleeve, I will add the top and bottom tabs with the hand whipped eyelets.

Text Box: Here is John hard at work pinning and sewing the stripes together.  Good thing he is staying inside, temperatures outside had been hitting around  100 Degrees.  
Stay cool John.

July Progress:

July 6th - - - Lots of stripes!  The six foot metal ruler in the middle and the small one (15 inches) at the bottom gives it scale!  The 6th Ky. Vols. is evolving into a true flag.   The canton will be† cut and joined to the two sections of stripes to form the body.


Text Box: What is red and white and looks great all over?  


Happy 4th of July to Everyone! Now its time to add some blue to our flag.

August Progress:

August 20th - - - We have more stars than the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Well maybe not but we do have stars.† John has been working hard painting the 6thís stars over the past few weeks.† In scorching temperatures outside, John hand paints every single star. We donít blame him for staying inside.


Text Box: Few parts remain to be completed. In a few more weeks the 6th Kentucky will have a brand new flag to be proud of.

September Progress:

John has kicked our flags production into high gear.† We have painted stars and our regimental motto painted on. Only the fringe and sleeve remain. Everyone in the unit is excited about seeing our flag almost complete.

Text Box: To the Right: John has the templates out for painting our Regimental Motto.  

Below:  Nearly Complete flag.  Only the gold fringe and hoist sleeve remain.  The 6th Kentuckyís flag has a soul of itís own now.

The Finished Flag:

The 6TH Kentucky can not thank John Pittsenbargar enough. We are proud to have such a talented man recreate our flag.† This final picture speaks more to our excitement and joy than can be described in words.† We look forward to fielding our flag soon.